About Us

Posted by Asheton Rice on

We are Nick and Asheton Rice, we started our Christian based pottery business in 2018. We are based out of a small town in Greenwood SC. We started this business to spread God’s word throughout the world, what better way than through clay. After all God is our Potter and we are the clay: Isaiah 64.8. We are molded and shaped into His perfect image, can you believe that? Just like we mold and shape our pottery into the perfect piece for you. God does that with you!

A little bit about the process, we first pug and knead the clay, we then form the piece on the wheel, and let it get leather hard then attach disc and handles. When it is bone dry we then load in bisque kiln, and once out of there they are washed and glazed to your specifications, after the glaze fire they are shipped to your doorstep with love.